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NSF envisages HSE Policy in Management System to comply into with the Law of Sultanate of Oman and PDO Standards set in; Achieve continual improvement in HSE Performance, Set Objectives and Targets which are measured and appraised in line with the Policy. Inculcate and include HSE Performance in the appraisal of all employees and reward suitably as an encouragement of adopting HSE Policy.

The Objective of the HSE Policy:

The HSE Policy is in line with the vision of development of Sultanate of Oman in continual improvements in the management of risks to the Health & Safety of employees and protects the environment

The Vision of the HSE Policy:

  • To protect the Health and Safety of all employees at all times
  • To prevent polluting the environment by our activities.
  • To inculcate a culture of accountability of every employee.
  • To include HSE as an integral part of our Business activity.


To effectively manage day to day HSE issues, a structured approach is done.

5S & PDCA Cycle :

5S & PDCA Cycle are followed for continual improvement of Health & Safety Management System.
At NSF, we have a well-defined HSE Policy and Manual incorporating HSE Plan to be adopted to achieve LTI Free working: The HSE Manual Index is detailed as below
  • Scope
  • Implementation
  • Responsibility
  • HSE Communication
  • Tool Box Talks
  • Hazard Alerts
  • House Keeping
  • Hot Working
  • HSE Notice Boards
  • HSE Inspection & Audits
  • Driving and Vehicle Safety
  • Hazard Notification
  • Suggestion Box
  • Electrical Safety
  • Pressure Safety
  • First Aid Arrangements
  • Hand Held Power Tools
  • HSE Training
  • HSE Action Plan
  • HSE Audit Inspection
  • Kitchen and Hygiene
  • Corrective Action Request
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Noise Level and Hearing Conservations
  • Corrective Actions Procedure
  • Lifting Machinery & Lifting Tackles
  • Hydrogen Sulphide Safety
  • Journey Management Procedure